the city as breeding ground of initiative and creativity.

In 2017, the 8th edition of ‘Meeting of Design Students’ throws out its anchor in the old harbour of Gent, Belgium.

Throughout two weeks, 200 design students from over 30 different countries will participate in an intensive design WORKSHOP within the theme ‘Urban haven’. Students and young professionals from various creative departments: architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fashion, photography and more, will realise together 15 projects, attend lectures, visit exhibitions and engage in social activities to learn from each other’s discipline and culture, share experiences and improve their skills.

The workshop runs towards creating an EXPO showing the projects to the hosting city Gent.

the city as breeding ground of initiative and creativity.

We see how more and more citizens around the world engage themselves to shape their surroundings in different but collaborative ways. Also in Gent, local initiatives experiment with new social models and question existing structures and habits. From local energy production and urban farming, to promoting circular and sharing economies, from gathering in maker’s collectives to throwing neighborhood parties.

Inspired by their enthusiasm and vision on a sustainable environment, MEDS Gent ’17 puts the urban haven in the spotlights.

See you in August 2017!